Santeri Is Running For The Finnish Parliament

Santeri is running for the Finnish parliament in the elections held on the 17th of April 2011.

Vote for Santeri Kannisto in the Finnish Parliament elections

Santeri has accepted candidacy and runs for the Finnish parliament in the elections held on the 17th of April 2011.

We are organising our haste return to Finland and preparing for the election campaign. Santeri is looking forward to working in the parliament making Finland a better country to live in.

The candidacy was announced the campaign kick-off together with the new electoral web site revealing the party he joined and his political alignment. You can help us and express you support by spreading information about the candidacy, and by donating money for the campaign.

Santeri’s Truly Unique Election Themes

There are many things Santeri is going to promote including racial tolerance, anti-nationalism, individual freedom, veganism, paganism, cutting down the use of motorized vehicles and equality. He is also determined to fight for downscaling the Finnish public sector at least 50% for balancing the country’s economy, and promoting nation-wide downshifting with the slogan: less is more. Saving the world will save us.

We are not worried about the late start of the campaign as Santeri is fairly well-known in Finland thanks to his prior appearances in the high-level media like TV and nationwide newspapers, and his reputation as a tough and unyielding entrepreneur. We decided to let other candidates smear and knock out each other, and join only the end-game for the final victory.

Thank you for all the support we have received so far and please let us know if you happen to know any free houses near Helsinki city centre available for rent for four years. The price is not a problem as Finnish politicians are fairly adequately compensated and enjoy many lucrative means of income including election support and the possibility to raise their own salaries. A garden and a sea view would be a plus.

Welcome to visit Santeri’s campaign web site!

PS. If you have any questions or you want some further information, please visit the campaign web site for answers before leaving comments or contacting us. Thank you.

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Reissuesa said…
Thanks for an interesting blog, I have read nearly all of it. I would welcome you posting more often. Are you still living in Kuala Lumpur? When are you going to visit the USA?
Thanks for your comment Reissuesa and glad you liked it. We are busy with a book about nomadic lifestyle. That hinders our blogging efforts.

About visiting USA: We are hoping for people to vote Obama for second term. That would give us an excuse for not visiting USA for another four years. We don't appreciate imperialism and consumerism.

Happy travels!

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