Vegan Food Does Not Have to be Mild and Tasteless!

Vegan Food Does Not Have to be Mild and Tasteless!

Food is often really mild and tasteless when eating out in vegan restaurants. There is a misconception that vegan food should not contain anything tasty, especially any strong spices. The issue becomes intolerable in all-inclusive resorts and cruises when you have to eat the same food every day for weeks.

The easiest fix is to have your own kitchen which feels like sheer luxury on the road. You can spice up your meals according to your taste, for example with garlic or toum, a raw garlic paste à la Libanaise. Another great addition is chili, the stronger the better. You can make chili oil by soaking chili peppers or chili powder in oil for a few weeks and use it for cooking, or add to a ready meal.

Important vegan protein sources like tofu and soy chunks are tasteless, but when you spice them or cook in coconut milk, add some tahini or a few spoonfuls of whiskey, cognac or brandy, that will make wonders. In general, Indian spices without MSG are great. Just remember to heat them up in oil to open up the flavours before using them.

Bon Appétit!


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