Visiting An Ecolodge in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is among the most impressive natural sights in the world. It is surrounded by mountains that offer stunning views on the lake. We were privileged to stay there for a month helping our friend Hyung who founded Sansok Ecolodge in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in the beginning of this year.

Hyung made a drastic life change some years ago. He used to teach in international schools and ended up in Guatemala for a couple of years' stint. After falling in love with the country, he bought a piece of land and started to build ecologically sustainable housing, first for himself only but after a while also for visiting guests. When Hyung opened his ecolodge, we were among the first guests.

Hyung's ecolodge is situated on the mountainside facing the lake. We admired the views for a whole month witnessing also the rapid weather changes that are typical to an area situated at 2150 meters above the sea level. Although some parts of Guatemala are tropical, in Lake Atitlan night temperature can drop to 6-8 degrees Celsius. When the sun rises, temperature rises to 25 degrees Celsius and it's summer again.

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We enjoyed our stay fully and think that Hyung’s place is ideal for those looking for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. There is space and time to breathe and remind oneself of what is truly important in life – work, money and success or something completely different. If you are pondering such questions and looking for a place and time to do it in a serene environment, have a look at Hyung’s website. We guarantee that it will open up whole new vistas for you!


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