April Fools' Day Has Become a Year-round Event

Happy April Fool's life!!

It's official: April Fools' Day has become a year-round event just like True Friends day. Let’s use this day to cherish all the old lame pranks before our world and lives turned into a hysterically funny April Fools' prank.

We're living in a world of jokes that are impossible to beat:

  • Advocating peace in Ukraine triggers aggressions
  • The world is made greener by filling it with cars
  • Smartphones are turning people into zombies
  • People believe in science as if it were a religion
  • The whole planet is decorated with face masks
  • We have created an everlasting legacy for the humankind out of sheer plastic trash.

Four years ago, nobody would have believed any of that, but now they are here to amuse us every single day of the year. Welcome to the new nutty normal and ridiculous reality. We do not need anymore April Fool's jokes as we have a happy April Fools' life!!


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