What makes Finland the best country in the world?

Valuable lessons for other countries on how to become the best country in the world just like Finland.

We had our first winter in 17 years. Snow looked incredibly beautiful and we enjoyed the opportunity to see many of our friends and relatives in Finland and reconnect with our roots.

What makes Finland the best country in the world? We wrote a book about it during the long, dark nights of mid-winter. The book offers many valuable lessons that can help other countries, too, to become better and some day reach the ultimate level of a Nordic welfare society.

What exactly makes Finland the best?

The Finnish way of managing the pandemic and geopolitics are the key to what makes the country so great. The Finnish media has united to protect citizens and battle fake news and other critical views. Everyone follows the news in Finland and we know that TV is the most trustworthy source of information.

Defeating pandemics together

Finland has two overwhelming enemies: Covid and Russia. Fortunately, the Finnish vaccination rate is among the highest in the world. People are wearing face masks everywhere, even when driving a car alone or video chatting with others at home. Finnish people understand that the pandemic is threatening the lives of billions of people around the world and it has to be taken seriously. The mortality rate in Finland is currently the highest ever, even higher than during the World War II. This proves, beyond doubt, that those over 90% of Finns who obey cannot be wrong.

When a similar pandemic happens in the future, Finland will be fully prepared and the population will gladly accept whatever is required to protect their health and security. Finland will still be standing when weaker nations fall. As we say in Finland: "Let’s take care of each other."

What makes Finland the world's best country

Geopolitics, neutrality, and Finlandization

Finland has a unique but challenging geographical location just like Ukraine and Georgia. The country has a 1300km long land border with Russia. Earlier the country was afraid of Russia (this was known as Finlandization), but now the situation has changed. The Finnish Defence Forces have proven their military might by helping in the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

Finland is not poor like Ukraine and Georgia but has money for purchasing US weapon systems as a payment for NATO membership. There is therefore no doubt that Finland will be soon invited to join the NATO.

About the new book

Our new book is examining these matters in great detail and presenting their historical roots. The book was written in Finnish, but we hope it will soon be available in other languages as well. Would you like to help translating this book?

Message us for an electronic copy.


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