Santeri composed some new music and made videos

Santeri composed new music and made videos

The first of Santeri's six new musical pieces was published in our Batumi street dog video. The rest are listed below. It has been sixteen years since Santeri composed last time. We were living in Buenos Aires at the time. You can find those old songs in midi and mp3 format including musical scores from Downloads directory on our new Nomad & Travel Books website. The same website is also home for our new, mobile-friendly Travel Photo Albums with a cool new photo and album search functionality.

Santeri Kannisto's public domain musical compositions and videos. Enjoy!

P.S. If you are gifted in maths and notice that the new songs are named unimaginatively by numbers, you might also notice that one of them is missing from the series. It is a Finnish in-joke about THL's (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) Director Mika Salminen rapping about his favorite subject. If you cannot resist the urge to listen to this song, you can find it from the same Downloads directory under the name 4.mp3 and the video from our travel videos.


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