Never-Ending Honeymoon: 13th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary on our never-ending honeymoon. We celebrated it in Tbilisi, Georgia on a beautiful and sunny October day (22°C/72°F). Last year we were in Moscow in freezing temperatures. Not a bad change. We skipped our daily routines such as writing books, making websites, and fixing old blog posts. Instead, we cooked together, had a walk, fixed our broken clothes, watched some old TV series, took photos, and wrote this blog post.

Compared to our wedding day 13 years ago, our love has not faded and we know each other better now, both in good and bad. What we wrote in La Habanera - The Escape From The Rat Race still applies very much to our life. It is possible to live on the road with your partner without breaking up. We hope that you will also find your life-long travel companion!


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