Top Picks of Tbilisi´s Street Art and Lamb Graffitis

On our frequent walks around Tbilisi, we have spotted many graffitis. Some represent famous musicians or celebrities, while others are more unique in style. Perhaps the most eye-catching are the graffitis by the twentysomething, self-taught street artist Mishiko Sulakauri.

Sulakauri has adorned the city with a project called "Lamb". It features the protagonist-sheep in various settings such as eating khinkali, one of the many delicious Georgian national dishes, or posing as a presidential candidate. The graffitis are funny and sympathetic, but always with irony. While the sheep symbolises innocence and purity, their black, angry eyebrows remind of the heated characters of Angry Birds.

The sheep is an apt choice for the protagonist as agricultural industry, including sheep-herding, plays a major role in Georgia. When we were travelling the Georgian military highway, the sheep were flocking everywhere. In Tusheti, there are also some semi-nomadic tribes that spend winters in pastures and summers in the mountain slopes. Their living conditions are rough — no electricity there or other modern amenities — while the sheep in graffitis joyfully enjoys sumptuous meals and plenty of leisure time. He resembles more us, global nomads, than pastoral nomads.

Enjoy our top picks of Tbilisi's street art and graffitis!


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