Welcome to Our Brand New Nomad's Hostel

Visit and volunteer for our Nomad´s Hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Special discounts on April 1 apply.

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Since 2011, we have been making websites for hotels, hostels and guesthouses all over the world from Costa Rica to Japan with business and marketing. With all the experience we have gathered from the accommodation business, we finally decided to open our own hostel. We rented a beautiful, old colonial house in Malaysia and are now renovating it.

The house was built in the 19th century for a British aristocrat and it is situated in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, within a convenient 30-minute bus ride from KLIA international airport and TBS bus station. As Kuala Lumpur is a huge traveller hub, the spot is ideal for a hostel. We found the house while we were staying in Taiping helping another hostel and got such a bargain price that we didn't even think twice about signing the contract for three years with an option for three more years. So far we have enjoyed staying in Malaysia so why not combine fun and work!

All the paperwork was quick and easy — thanks to Malaysian efficiency — and we will be able to open our hostel to public next August. At that time, we will have three private rooms and two mixed dorms, altogether sixteen beds. All rooms will be equipped with fan, writing desk, chair, and closet, and WiFi is available all around the house. Bathrooms will be shared and we will personally see to it they are spick-and-span. We aim to attrackt ecologically minded backpackers and nature lovers. Pets are most welcome to our premises.

This is how the house looks right now

In the meanwhile, we continue transforming the villa into our dream guest house. If you have time and interest, please join us. We are looking for people with various skills to help us with renovations, building works, carpentry, painting, cleaning, gardening, and organic farming. We offer to all our volunteers a free bed and breakfast. Have a look at our website for more information at www.nomadshostel.my and please help to spread the word of our greatest venture so far!


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