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Never-Ending Honeymoon: 13th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary on our never-ending honeymoon. We celebrated it in Tbilisi, Georgia on a beautiful and sunny October day (22°C/72°F). Last year we were in Moscow in freezing temperatures. Not a bad change. We skipped our daily routines such as writing books, making websites, and fixing old blog posts. Instead, we cooked together, had a walk, fixed our broken clothes, watched some old TV series, took photos, and wrote this blog post.

4 Reasons Why Global Nomads Don't Buy Travel Insurance

A good travel insurance plan is supposed to give you peace of mind. It covers you if you have an accident, get sick, your equipment is stolen or breaks. Only a few long-term travellers, however, buy insurance, as Päivi discovered in her global nomad research for Tilburg University.Why not?

Fixed: Blogger Dynamic Views Fails to Load Properly

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Top Picks of Tbilisi´s Street Art and Lamb Graffitis

On our frequent walks around Tbilisi, we have spotted many graffitis. Some represent famous musicians or celebrities, while others are more unique in style. Perhaps the most eye-catching are the graffitis by the twentysomething, self-taught street artist Mishiko Sulakauri.

12 years of travelling and living without mobile phone

We've been living without a mobile phone for 12 years. Before embarking on our nomadic journey in 2004, our friends bought us a brand new smart phone for keeping in touch. We carried the precious gift all over the world and kept purchasing new SIM cards in each and every country we visited.

Working in Oman, Omanization, and In-Country Value

We had a glimpse into the corporate world in Oman. Many things stunned us and not the least the so-called "Omanization". It is an indigenous policy that aims at increasing the number of Omani staff. In Europe, the same policy is called 'discrimination'. While Europeans also prefer to deal with other Europeans, hiring is done more discreetly. The applicant is, for example, required to speak fluently the official language of the country, which is a considerable barrier considering the number of languages spoken in Europe. Or, if the applicant's skin colour, ethnicity or gender doesn't match expectations, the employer may blame fierce competition for rejection.

Welcome to Our Brand New Nomad's Hostel

Since 2011, we have been making websites for hotels, hostels and guesthouses all over the world from Costa Rica to Japan with business and marketing. With all the experience we have gathered from the accommodation business, we finally decided to open our own hostel. We rented a beautiful, old colonial house in Malaysia and are now renovating it.

Evsiz - Our Book in Turkish

Our book Free as a Global Nomad has been translated into Turkish thanks to our literary agent Zeitgeist Media Group! The Turkish word Evsiz means 'homeless'. The book was published by Beyaz Baykus and it is available for example at

Beautiful lush and green Taiping, Malaysia

Although we have lived and travelled quite a bit in Malaysia, this was our first visit to Taiping. The town is worth stopping by. It offers a refreshing change for usually ugly, moldy, and dirty Malaysian cities that are filled with cars and rubbish. Moreover, Taiping is one of the most well-preserved colonial sites in the country.

Ever More Touristy Thailand

It's no news that Thailand is touristy. It has been that way for decades, but still the number of holiday-makers is disconcerting to us every time we travel through the country. This time was no different. Even in the small, quiet town of Prachuap Khiri Khan locals were almost outnumbered by tourists.

Oman - The Hidden Jewel of The Middle-East

Oman was a really nice surprise for us. We had long been thinking about going there, but the country never seemed to fall on our route until now that we were heading from Armenia to Asia. Thanks to Ali, who was our work exchange host, we ended up staying two months in Muscat and started to appreciate this hidden jewel of the Middle-East.