SanteriX 64bit v 1.0 Operating System

Distributed operating system Santerix 64bit v 1.0 Operating System. Free download, live test system and public domain source code.

SanteriX 64bit v 1.0 Operating System

Ever since we left Finland in 2004 to travel the world, Santeri has secretly continued developing one of his former company's (SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd.) most closely guarded, secret R&D projects, which aimed to create a perfectly distributed operating system. Compared to traditional operating systems, the new SanteriX operating system does not require almost any hard disk space and boots virtually instantly. If the following presentation is too technical for you, click the blue Preview-button below to see how the new system looks.

SanteriX is exploiting a torrent-like technology loading the OS kernel from other computers running SanteriX nearby and then seeding it to everyone else. Because of its distributed nature, every system is secure, and there are no logs to be traced or spied. Updates spread from node to node automatically making the system always up-to-date. Ultra-strong encryption protects from malware and prevents network eavesdropping.

SanteriX distributed operating system provides an efficient and reliable computing framework allowing no user awareness of the underlying system. The multi-level collaboration between the kernel and the system management components maintain a perfect harmony of purpose complete disconnected from implementation, producing the foundation and framework for super reliable, efficient, available, robust, extensible, safe, secure and indefinitely scalable system. SanteriX provides all of this with incredible simplicity.

The new operating system is now ready for testing. It does not change anything on your computer, or download any files, but simply executes a virtual machine in ram running inside your current operating system and then turning it inside-out so that your current system will be running in the virtual machine inside SanteriX. After you boot your computer, it returns to its earlier state. Here you can take a look at the live system, install SanteriX [4.8 MB], and download the source code [26.6 MB]. Clicking the following buttons is safe and secure.

Preview SanteriX 64bit v 1.0 Live Install SanteriX 64bit v 1.0 Download SanteriX source code

Simple, free, and easy

SanteriX requires just a tiny bootloader in a local computer and any computer running Windows, GNU/Linux, or Mac OS can run it. The sophisticated multiboot system allows user to select the preferred OS at boot time. When the system is terminated, all data is securely stored into Write-only memory (WOM) network storage, which is freely provided by Signetics.

The complete source code of the operating system is freely available, and a part of it has been adapted from the latest Linux kernels with the approval of Linus Torvalds himself. SanteriX runs all native 64bit applications developed for any operating system, including Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Please leave us a comment of your experience with SanteriX 1.0, and help to share this marvelous invention!


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