New Book: Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities

Päivi Kannisto: Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities (Ashgate/Routledge, 2016).

Päivi Kannisto: Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities (Ashgate/Routledge, 2016)

Päivi’s latest book recaps the work on global nomads and location-independence she started in 2010 by interviewing 30 full-time travellers. The book is a re-assessment of much contemporary research in the fields of mobility, migration and tourism studies, written for scholars across the social sciences. The book is published by Ashgate that recently merged with Routledge.

Below is a short film with some excerpts from interviews with the global nomads.


‘This penetrating analysis of the challenges posed by global nomadism for individuals and societies pushes forward the frontiers of mobilities research. A compelling combination of theoretical and personal insights unravels the complexities of lives lived through new forms of mobilities.’
— Allan Williams, University of Surrey, UK

‘This is a highly intriguing and thought-provoking book about location-independent people who are always travelling. The book provides original insight and nuance into un-researched ways of life, which challenge conventional understandings of home, travel, work, and leisure. It makes us think about homelessness, obligations, consumption, and many other aspects of social life in new ways.’
— Jorgen Ole Baerenholdt, Roskilde University, Denmark

‘Päivi Kannisto has written a cutting-edge book on modern mobilities. She sheds new light on the nature of the mobile risk society and what dwelling in mobility seriously means. This is a highly innovative book. It is well crafted, thought-provoking and a pleasure for all those interested in mobility, modernity and social change.’
— Sven Kesselring, Nurtingen-Geislingen University, Germany

Acknowledgements and links

Päivi is proud to acknowledge the help, encouragement, and influence of Erik Cohen, Bertine Bargeman, Cassie deFilippo, Kevin Hannam, Molly Herrington, Petri Hottola, Mari Korpela, P.J. Martin, Hans Mommaas, Greg Richards, René van der Duim, T. Rowan, and Allan Williams in various phases of her work.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the global nomads who participated in the project. Here are those of their websites we are aware of: Ajay & Maria, Andy, Anick, Anthony, Cindie, Claude, Glen & Steve, Ingo, Jukka, Jeremy, Ludovic, Rita, Taro, and Tor.

For further information and ordering the book, visit Routledge.


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