Of Wedding Anniversaries: Goldfish-Ficus-Pineapple

Is a long marriage better than a short one? Rethinking wedding anniversaries from the point of quality rather than the length of the relationship.

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. To commemorate it we named it Goldfish-Ficus-Pineapple using the same logic as in some of our previous wedding anniversaries.

  • 2014 Monkey-Palmtree-Peasoup
  • 2013 Chihuahua-Cactus-Taco
  • 2012 Camel-Date-Sand
  • 2010 Pasta-Peanut-Pistachio
  • 2007 Palladium-Porcelain-Panda

Commonly wedding days are classified starting from paper, cotton, leather, linen, wood, and iron and ending up to silver (25), gold (50), and diamond (60). The more years, the more distinguished the anniversary. Who cares whether the spouses love each other as long as it lasts long, right?

For us, every single anniversary is precious as is also this very moment, right now, that we share together. It's better to have one day of happy marriage than celebrate the diamond anniversary after 60 years in a bad marriage.


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