Finn-Savotta Challenge: The First Year on the Road with Our New Savotta Backpacks

Finn-Savotta Challenge: The First Year on the Road

We have travelled now one year with backpacks, Savotta LJK12 and Savotta 906, in 15 countries in Europe, the USA, Central America, and Asia. The backpacks are still in mint condition after exhausting 11 flights, 5 bus and 4 train trips, and one cruise around the world plus walking and hiking. Usually the flights, particularly baggage handling, are the biggest challenge to the durability of backpacks, and last year there were plenty of them as the list below shows.

On the road we discovered some minor improvement ideas. Those have been implemented in the models that are currently for sale. For more information, please visit Finn-Savotta website.

BusBoston-New York
FlightNew York-Florida-Costa Rica
BusCosta Rica-Panama-Costa Rica
FlightCosta Rica-Florida-New York-Hong Kong-Kuala Lumpur
FlightKuala Lumpur-Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur
FlightKuala Lumpur-Tokyo
Savotta backpacks in Kyoto, Japan


Savotta LJK12 and Savotta 906 are both in mint condition. We experienced no durability problems, nothing broke, and our minor improvement proposals are already being implemented to the new models. review score is 5 out of 5 stars after the first year on the road.

Disclaimer: Although Savotta kindly provided us the backpacks for the test, we do not have financial ties to Savotta nor any other obligations to declare.


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