How to Win More in the World of Tanks?

Here are detailed instructions on how to pay to win more in the World of Tanks based on years of experience and over 100.000 battles on US, Asia, Russia and EU servers.

In the World of Tanks you need to pay if you want to win

How to win more in the World of Tanks and other multiplayer internet games? The answer is simple: pay more. Games are created by companies who exist to make as much money as possible. This is why the they are optimised for making money. If you do not want to pay, you end up losing more and doing a lot of hideous, repetitive grinding to advance and level up. This was the case with Anarchy Online and also with the Belorussian World of Tanks.

The same principles apply to all freemium games. Instructions are based on experiences gathered during three years of intensive online gaming.

How to win more battles and fame in the World of Tanks?

You need a thick wallet. There are others competing against you spending thousands of dollars every month, so make sure you are prepared and can afford to win.

  • Have your crews all the time 100% trained using GOLD (see the explanations for game terms below) to achieve that
  • Stock tanks are good only for losing and as cannon fodder. Fully upgrade your tanks before playing with them. You can gain more experience easily by buying a premium tank, premium account, and converting experience to free experience using GOLD.
  • Don't play premium tanks for anything else but for free experience. They lose more than fully upgraded, non-premium tanks, with good crews.
  • Play only tanks that can use GOLD ammunition and use only GOLD ammunition, it has better penetration and gives you better RNG.
  • Buy a premium account and you will win significantly more games, in my case about 15%. Premium account offers you more favourable MM and RNG. Don't play for one day after the premium account expires or you will be losing a lot of games.
  • If any of your tanks get NERFed, quit playing them immediately. NERF does not only change capabilities of a tank, but also changes MM and RNG. You will get bad teams and you will not hit anything causing you to lose more battles.
  • Buy a permanent CAMO with GOLD to every tank you play. This should not have such a big effect, but it has.
  • If you lose the first battle of the day with a tank, don't continue playing that tank the same day or you will be losing many more games.

These instructions do not include the idea of how to save money with freemium games as it is against the principles of freemium. If you want to save money, don't play. Freemium games are not for poor people unless they are enough masochistic to enjoy losing a lot. You are not a customer but the product until you start paying for the game.

RNG: Random Number Generator is used for calculating random numbers and it is supposed to be random, but in freemium games it is heavily biased in favour of those spending more money.

MM: Match Making selects your teams and influences what kind of games you will get. The principle is the same as in RNG: pay more to get a better match making.

GOLD: Players use real money to purchase GOLD which can only be used in the game for winning more.

NERF: Weakening some qualities of a tank in an update of the game.

CAMO: Camouflage is used for decreasing the tanks' visibility to enemies.

More about the Freemium Principle

South Park has an illustrative episode S18E06 Freemium Isn't Free about freemium gaming, which gives you an idea what freemium is all about.


There has been discussion about the pay to win nature of the World of Tanks suggesting that the game is more pay to save time or free to play than pay to win. That is not entirely true especially in the end game. By grinding everything from the scratch without using any money, a player ends up having worse win-rate leading to an inferior clan and losing more clan war battles than in better clans.

I did not use any money for the games, and the instructions about the effects of paid services are based on experiences gained by using GOLD won in tournaments and clan wars, and receiving mission reward freebies. Specific instructions apply only to the World of Tanks version 0.9.6. Anything can happen and everything may be changed in the future, if it makes Wargaming maker more money. Visit my games forum for some gaming videos, news, apps and instructions.


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