Syria, the next Iraq?

Syria is soon going to be the next Iraq unless we take an action and stop following the media and supporting war criminals.

Syria is soon going to be the next Iraq unless we take an action and stop following the media and stop supporting war criminals like Obama.

A decade ago, the USA invaded Iraq using exactly the same pretext as with Syria now: weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which proved to be weapons of mass distraction. International media was provoked to stir anger among nations by spreading speculations. Does a hoax become the truth if sufficiently many people believe in it? It should not.

If you were somehow involved in the election of Obama, please try to influence him not to start massacring the Syrian people. Don´t have their blood on your hands. Peace cannot be made by killing people.

When we met one Syrian guy last year in Turkey, his only wish was that the USA would not invade Syria and make it another Iraq. He could not go back home because Turkey had closed the border, and he was very upset about the situation and worried about his family and friends.

The motivation for all recent wars appears to be oil, selling arms and employing mercenaries and soldiers. Weapons of mass destruction are used as a tool to spark conflicts. In order to disarm the US and help the world to move one step closer to world peace, it is time to stop believing all what is said in the media. Some of the stories are fabricated and planted to give a pretext to yet another war crime and crime against humanity. This is a fairly normal procedure in any war and it is called war propaganda.

If you don´t want the worst to happen, please spread the word and assess critically the media you follow. The only trustworthy source of information are the people who live in Syria and who experience these events first hand.


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