6.94 ABSOLUTELY Vital Travel Tips

This is the last and the most complete travel check-list you will ever need.

The ultimate travel check-list you will ever need

We all know that travelling without lists is simply impossible. This is not just because many travellers are obsessed with lists. If there was no need for such lists, there would not be any lists, right?

Here is the ultimate list for each and every real traveller to follow. Ignore this ultimate list and you will perish or even worse: stop travelling. Nobody likes ignorant travellers. Read it, memorize it, and share it. This is the ultimate travel check-list you will ever need.

  1. Remember to breathe, if you stop you will quickly perish.
  2. When you want to walk, move your feet forward one at a time. If you move both at the same time, you are jumping and that is not walking.
  3. Don’t pick your nose, otherwise people will think you are from Africa. If you are from Africa, nose-picking is a must.
  4. Luggage is important. Without luggage you are not travelling, and if you are not travelling, then this list is not for you.
  5. Remember to take photos, lots of photos. They will be your only proof that you actually travelled and didn’t just mail order your souvenirs.
  6. Always return to home, otherwise you are not travelling at all because travelling is defined only in relation to your home.
  7. You must always remember to place your tooth paste into checked-in lugg…

May the spirit of check-lists be forever with you!


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