Are We Living in a Fool´s Paradise?

Are we living in a fool´s paradise regarding progress, growth, solar panels, plastic bags, energy saving bulbs, wars?

Celebrate peace, not war
Celebrate peace, not war

The only sustainable growth is degrowth
Sustainable growth

Solar panels are not green
Solar panels

Plastic bags kill
Plastic bags

Energy saving light bulbs pollute
Energy saving light bulbs

Plastic is pollution

Progress is regress

Welcome to U.S.A.
Welcome to U.S.A.

Ask yourself are we living in a fool´s paradise.


  1. I think you should check again regarding solar.

    Also, notice you are using a computer, internet server,
    and electricity for your post. Please tell us which brands you use?
    From your actions, you are talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

    Solar is an emergency exist out of poverty for a billion rural poor:

    You really want to take this option away?

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Yotam. We believe that consuming less, reducing and degrowth is more sustainable unless we want to turn our world into a giant junkyard what is happening right now. That does not depend whether you are poor or rich, we all have to breath that same polluted air.


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