Book: Free as a Global Nomad

Free as a Global Nomad: An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist written by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto.

Free as a Global Nomad: An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist

Drifting Sands Press has today published our first English language book, and also the first ever general interest non-fiction book about Global Nomads.

For this book, we had the pleasure of interviewing thirty global nomads from all over the world. They are professional travelers who wander the world without a permanent job or home, they are modern-day adventurers and vagrants, no one’s property. The new book describes what perpetual traveling is like, how to make a living on the road, and it explores wheather the traveling life means a liberated and happier existence.

The publisher from the Drifting Sands Press, Cindie Cohagan, is a seasoned global nomad herself. “I have spent nine years on an around-the-world bicycle tour and I can easily relate to all the thirty global nomads that were interviewed for the book.” We met Cindie in India where she is now living and found mutual grounds for publishing.

An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist

Global nomads challenge some of the values we traditionally cherish in the West such as the security afforded by a predefined life and continuous economic growth. They are recreating an ancient tradition with a modern twist. Like the Great Masters, they too have found that a simple life is a better life. Their modern ideas draw from the everyday life and dreams of past explorers, philosophers, and vagrants. Some notable pioneers discussed in the book include Alexander the Great, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and George Orwell.

Are you ready for a ride which redefines such familiar notions as home, nationality, freedom, and travel?

About the book

Free as a Global Nomad

  • Title: Free as a Global Nomad: An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist
  • Written by
  • Edited by Cindie Cohagan
  • Published by Drifting Sands Press
  • Languages: English
  • ISBN 978-0-9850096-1-8
  • 174 pages
  • Published in November 27, 2012
  • Formats: Paperback, Kindle eBook, Nook eBook, Apple eBook
  • Paperback price: $14.99/11.50 €, eBook ~9.95

About Drifting Sands Press

Drifting Sands Press is an independent publisher specializing in books about spiritual journeys and out of the ordinary life paths. For more information and ordering the book, visit Free as a Global Nomad.

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