Macau: More Portuguese Than Chinese

Macau is more Portuguese than Chinese. They welcome travellers from EU countries with 90-day entry stamps just like Taiwan.

If China is a big factory and Hong Kong a huge electronics shop, Macau is an enormous casino. The Chinese come to the city to gamble as gambling is not officially allowed on the mainland.

We loved Macau—not because of Las Vegas like bling-bling—but because the city is walkable. It is always nice to go to places, especially in China, where you are not pushed and squeezed from all directions in an overcrowded subway. There was also less spitting, pollution, cutting in line, elbowing, and other Chinese specialities.

Macau is Former Portuguese Colony

The city is charming with its narrow Portuguese-style alleys. We happened to be there during the Fringe Festival and got a chance to see and film a performance on the main square. Another big plus of the Portuguese heritage is that you can buy good red wine with almost South European prices. The best of all, though, is potable tap water. Guess casino money can do something good, too. The overall impression was much like fancy Brunei, except Brunei is a Muslim state making money by selling oil.

Macau welcomes travellers from the EU with 90-day entry stamps.


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