True Finns And Fake Finns

The Finnish nationalist party True Finns is exploiting Finnish racism, that has been an integral part of Finnish culture for ages.

True Finns

We were reading an old Bangkok Post newspaper and saw news about the recent parliamentary elections in Finland. A nationalist party called Perussuomalaiset was translated in the news as True Finns.

The translation is hilarious. More accurate alternatives might have been Simple Finns, Basic Finns, or Elementary Finns (like in elementary school). The logic would follow better the party’s ideology: We don’t want foreigners to live in our refrigerator, steal our food, drink our vodka and seduce our women. Go away evil foreigners!

The nationalist party is exploiting Finnish racism. Most Finns are proud to be racists, but they do not reveal their thoughts publicly. Racism has been an integral part of Finnish culture and Finnishness for ages.

During the World War II, Finland was allied with Nazi Germany. There were concentration camps in Karelia and some crazy Finns were planning to conquer the Soviet Union and create Great Finland. Those war criminals were never charged and the atrocities have not been confessed nor apologized. Instead, Finns are proud of their war heroes, independence and—racism.

The positive outcome of the 2011 election result is that now Finns are now openly xenophobics. The downside is that the ours what the voters are craving after, don’t really exist as everything in Finland has either come from Russia or from Sweden.

Nationalism serves the interests of the elite like it has done for centuries. Voters are being promised a brighter future but the politicians will be the only ones enjoying it. Fortunately corruption and greed will quickly fix the situation. Or does anyone know any political party that has kept their promises and acted for anything else but their own good anywhere in the world?


  1. It is sad to read from Päivi this kind of blog post which has so much built-in dislike and hostility against her former home nation. The blog post is either bullshit in it's purest form or its was meant to be published on Fools' Day. Finland is fine country to live at and to work for both Finnish and foreigners.

    Just an example, Finland is well-known about it's knowledge and intelligence about international peace-keeping and problem solving. The latest example is Nobel Peace Price Winner, Mr Martti Ahtisaari and his non-profit Crisis Management Initiative Office (

    These "True Finns" as itself is no fear for any foreigners nor it is even a majority party in Finland nor it presents a government as a whole. 81% of Finnish Parliamentary System is occupied by others than "True Finns", also to be underlined, only small minority of "True Finns" can be said to have very strong opinions about immigrants.

    These Nationalist movements can be found on ANY political system on ANY state and country on the World. Finnish Government is not racists and I don't see very constructive from Päivi to spread false propaganda about these issues and making very clear about her hatred and hostility to Finland and it's people. It is now of course clear, that Päivi do have something between teeth what comes to Finland.

    It is dangerous to see Päivi's propaganda's affect on people like Mr Fuller (who commented on Facebook) who thinks that Finland has racist government, makes comparison to Hitler and thought about Finnish election to lead to war.

    Nonsense. Zero writing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinions, Marko.

    Here is an extract of what the True Finns write in their party programme:

    - nation forms the basis for democracy
    - we defend multiculturalism by defending our national identity
    - Finnish state exists for defending the Finns' rights
    - Finnishness is Finland's gift for the world
    - patriotism is altruism
    - the party supports traditional form of family (man + woman + children)
    - university studies should be available for less people
    - the internal security is based on a homogeneous nation
    - immigrants who are willing to work and start companies are welcome
    - those who come to Finland, must do as the Romans do
    - all other immigration should be reduced
    - Finnish nationality is a prize
    - sedentarism is favoured instead of mobility
    - more resources for the courts and the police
    - begging has to be criminalized
    - the same law for everyone - no for cultural special rules

    Happy travels!

  3. Isn't Ahtisaari that extremely fat old Finn, who messed things up in Namibia and Kosovo? So what if he got the Nobel price, so did the Obama, who is killing Afghans and torturing Muslims in Guantanamo bay.

    Ahtisaari is yet another shame for the bunch of racists and puny nation called Finland. Sweden rocks!

  4. Well, I'm still having nightmares of the election result. In my home town Helsinki the second largest amount of votes were gathered by an open racist "philosopher" who says clearly that all human beings aren't of equal value. The logical conclusion is, when you follow the path with a True Finn logic to the final stand, that for example handicapped and old people are only a burden for the society. (This openly racist fellow doesn't pronounce it aloud, though). It is a pure lie to try to deny the heavily increasing racism in Finland. But also it's not honest not to remember that racism is a very human global phenomen.

    Matti, a cyclist

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, guys.


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