Less Harmful Nuclear Power

What is less harmful?

Nuclear power is said to be less harmful than coal. It does not pollute environment and release radiation into atmosphere like burning coal.

If the cooling system of a nuclear power plant fails, it’s less harmful to let some steam out than risk overheating the reactor.

It is less harmful to convince the public that everything is fine, because otherwise there could be a panic causing more harm than the minor radiation leak.

It is less harmful to cool down the overheated reactor with seawater and return the radiating water back to the sea than letting the reactor melt.

It is less harmful to tell to the public that the radiation leak was as nominal as normal background radiation and not harmful at all than driving people to hoard radiation meters and iodine.

It is less harmful to tell that the reactor exploded but the casing will hold than cause an uncontrolled mass migration because of the lethal fallout.

After the reactor has melted, it is less harmful to convince everyone that the reactor will soon be sealed and further radiation leaks blocked.

It is less harmful to tell people that the reactor seal is holding and they are safe than unveil that they are going to die soon because of radiation. There is no reason to burden their last days on earth with technical details.

Could it be less harmful to downshift and reduce consumption to better match the capacity and resources of earth instead of using nuclear power?


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