La Habanera Got A Face-Lift

Our first free book La Habanera. the escape from the rat race, got a face-lift. The book is available as epub, mobi, PDF, and paperback.

La Habanera—The Escape From The Rat Race 4th Edition

Six years has passed since we published the first edition of La Habanera—a book discussing our escape from the Rat Race. It is the first book we wrote together and our first free e-book.

At the time we wrote the book, we made a rough English translation hoping that someone would assist us in revising the language. In the past years several people had offered to do the job, but no one had managed to finish the job.

A few weeks a go we got an e-mail from Tomi Astikainen who had read the Finnish book offering to do the English revision. Now the face-lift is ready, language revised, and the book has a new layout: La Habanera—The Escape From The Rat Race 5th Edition. The new book is freely available as an epub, mobi, PDF and ready-to-print PDF in our electronic library.

A Trip To Memory Lane

When we were proof-reading the draft the content felt still valid. A few things have changed: we are no longer smoking, drinking, devouring flesh, committing gluttony, or visiting cafés and restaurants. We also prefer walking instead of using motorized vehicles. Everything else is pretty much the same. Reading the old text was a trip to memory lane luring us to visit La Habanera and Brazil once again.

La Habanera has also been translated into Hebrew by Noam. So far the book has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers and it is the most popular book we have written. We would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to help, Tomi for making the English language revision and everyone who have sent us feedback about the book and read it. Thank you so much for your support.


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