Amilo LA 1703 Overheating Problem Fix

A fix for Amilo LA 1703 laptop overheating problem is underclocking the CPU.

Travelling can be lethal to notebooks

After our laptop was stolen in Spain, we bought a new one. We trusted German quality and chose Fujitsu-Siemens. The laptop has worked otherwise fine, but in warm weather (25°C or more) it shuts down automatically because of overheating.

All laptops, especially when used outdoors or while travelling, gather lots of dust to the cooling fan. Amilo LA 1703 is not an exception. It requires opening the case and cleaning the fan every 2-3 months. During the past months we have also been using a cooling platform with three cooling fans getting power from a USB port. On top of that, most CPU intensive tasks required a large stand-alone cooling fan pointed to the computer. Sometimes even that was not enough. The laptop is optimised for speed over stability.

Computer geeks love to tweak their hardware for squeezing out extra speed by overclocking CPU. Our solution was the opposite. We underclocked the processor by twenty per cent and this solved the overheating problem. When the cooling fan gets older and less efficient, we can compensate by underclocking the processor even more. If your laptop is suffering from similar symptoms, you might want to try Rightmark CPU Clock Utility for reducing speed and thus lowering CPU core temperature. Our next laptop will hopefully work without any cooling fan.

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