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Santeri has developed a new software that can generate a personal good luck patterns. Try now and get lucky!

Good luck charms in Cambodia

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We saw various good luck charms, charts, cards and amulets in Cambodia. Santeri has now developed a software with which you can generate your own lucky pattern.

Good luck charms are not just myths. In many Asian countries they have an important cultural and religious role. In western countries people tend to ridicule them as Eastern mumbo jumbo, but we believe that you don’t lose anything by trying.

Software Generating Lucky Patterns

Santeri’s software is programmed with Python. It emulates the pattern of the Phnom Penh Wat Sam Rong Ander temple’s lucky charm. Looking at the pattern or printing it and keeping it with you is believed to bring you good luck and protect from bad luck. Many locals recommended good luck patterns for us and so we started to carry a few Yom Bak Boy -cards in our backpacks.

The software is simple and works with any web browser. Click the button below and wait a second for loading and initialization. After that the it will produce your personal good luck pattern. You can watch and save it to your computer, or print it to carry with you. Please note that you need to use a colour printer with 600 dpi or better, otherwise the Moiré effect will spoil your printout.

Generate Lucky Charm


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