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We are making a survey on Global Nomads for writing a book. Are you or do you know someone who is?

Participate in the world traveller survey

Are you travelling the world? Do you know any full-time travellers?

We are making a survey on travelling people for writing a book. Are you travelling full-time or do you know someone who is? We need 20-30 persons representing different nationalities, who have been travelling continuously for at least four years in various countries.

The idea of the survey came from our own mobile lifestyle. The people we have encountered have been interested in travelling people’s way of life: who are they, why do they travel, how do they earn money. We believe this kind of information is needed not only for general interest, but for societies. Current nation states cannot answer to the needs of travelling people. Visas, passports, residence and working permits are making mobile life difficult, sometimes even impossible. Boundary-breaking information is needed to increase understanding between travelling people and their hosts.

We intend to make the interviews personally with the people who are currently residing in Europe, and use Skype with others. The interview takes approximately two hours. Our deadline for completing the survey is autumn 2010. After that we will analyse survey results qualitatively (discourse analysis) and write a book on the 21st century nomads.

The research is academic and non-profit. Feel free to contact us for further information or to express your interest in participation by e-mail. For further information please see Päivi’s CV and academic merits. Thank you.

Keywords: Survey, interview, research, participate, community, society, national feeling, nationality, address, domicile, long-stay, visa, work permission, residence permit, passport, travel, travelling, traveller, modern nomads, nomad, nomadic people.


Oskari said…
I'm really looking forward to see the results of this study... and to read the resulting book :) I hope this project is still alive.
Great to hear that. The project is alive and kicking. We have interviewed 30 urban nomads and now we are making a literature and theory study on subject.

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