Our computer and a lot of money was robbed in Alicante, Spain yesterday.


  1. It was very interesting to read your article on Alicante Bus Station. I wish I had read it prior to having my flight bag stolen on the 15th November 2008. Again the Police were uniterested & failed to help. We had to report the theft at Alicante Airport because our passports were in the bag & we needed to board a flight. The Police would only file that our passports were lost & not stolen & would not report the theft of money, mobile phone, radio, digital camera, prescription glasses etc.Keep writing the blog & if you can give advise on how to protect your valuables, that would be great!!

    Good luck


    1. Hello Derek,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. When more and more people start to do the same, that might fix the situation.

      We are actually working with a generic travel guide that focuses also on these issues.

      Happy travels,

      Päivi & Santeri


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