Mountain Boarding In Toulouse

Mountain Boarding in Toulouse with Emma and Arnaud.

Toulouse is a lovely and sunny city near the Pyrenees profiting from Southern France’s mild climate.

French people love their Southern cities: Marseille, Montpellier and Toulouse. Toulouse cannot boast with beautiful coastline as its rivals, but it still draws some 10.000 new inhabitants every year. They are attracted by the liveliness of the city. There is a lot going on all the time.

Migration causes social problems and some of the suburbs of Toulouse have a bad reputation. Well, you couldn’t figure this out just visiting suburbs as they seem to be very peaceful, but in the big French riots a few years ago Toulouse people were for example burning cars, and the atmosphere in the city was tense.

We had again a chance to meet great people. Our original idea was to stay only a few of days in the city, but our visit stretched to one week. We went to see mountain boarding, collected beetroots with local organic farming association members, and Päivi rehearsed some African dancing. All these are very popular in France. This time we didn’t explore much the surrounding areas, but we will surely return as we heard so many good things e.g. about the hippie area of Ariège. Besides, France is one of our favourite countries.

Our travels took us towards Spain through the impressive Pyrenees. There was a slow local train that stopped in many lovely picturesque villages. At the border just beside Andorra we continued first by bus in the most mountainous area, and then by train. The views were awesome with autumn colours and the weather got gradually warmer and more humid.

Country: France


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