Photos and Feelings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A photo blog: Rikshas and frog legs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The capital is an interesting mix of the colonial heritage and Asian culture.

Our friends, Betty & Bill came from Vietnam to see us, and we will travel with them for a while. We visited a popular square in front of the Royal Palace. Cambodia has still a king, although his position is controversial because he supported Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot. During the reign of Pol Pot over million Cambodians were terminated in the process of creating a Marxist agricultural utopia.

For example a hotel worker earns US$ 20 a month. The country is one of the poorest in the world. It is perceived to be less developed than Vietnam. The positive aspect is that there is less pollution and people are not so arrogant.

How about some frog legs for dinner? Cambodia was colonized by the French. However, there are still many reminders left: colonial architecture, traffic signs in French, affordable French red wine, baguette bread, and a wide selection of cheese.


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