Visiting Mr. Dracula in Transylvania

A photo blog of visiting Dracula's castle in Transsilvania, Brasov, Romania.
Visiting Mr. Dracula in Transylvania

This is really dangerous. Continue only if you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Some higher forces are watching every click you make.

Visiting Mr. Dracula in Transylvania

Here rests the Master himself. He is waiting for sunset, anxiously,… waiting for you…

Visiting Mr. Dracula in Transylvania

Go up and enter the castle. It's nice and cool, maybe even chilly. You can feel that somebody is staring at you, but probably you are just hallucinating. Anyway, you are alone, and feel a bit tired. Maybe this is just a dream, sweet dream,… sweet…

Oh, you are really lucky. Just like Mr. Renfield was. Nice bed is waiting for you. Take a nap, sleep until sunset, and maybe you will meet the owner of the castle and the Master himself! Sleep tight, sleep forever.

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