New Zealand

Cheviot is a small village of only 400 people located in the South Island of New Zealand. We lived there a few months with some 40 000 sheep. Tim & Heidi who we met in South Africa had invited us over.

Cows were looking curiously at us in the paddock in Cheviot. They followed us all the way they could. Please note that the mating photos Santeri took in our flat are XXX rated. Not the one where Päivi and Heidi discussing literature, namely Hobbit by Tolkien. Or the typical mountain view from Wanaka. Does that look somehow familiar? Actually the Lord of The Rings was filmed here so many of the views might indeed be recognizable to Tolkien fans.

We made also a few presentations during our stay: Hitchhiker's guide to New Zealand and Cheviot 150th anniversary.

Keywords: Cheviot, New Zealand, South Island, Tim, Heidi, Wanaka, Cheviot 150th anniversary, Hitch hiker's guide to New Zealand.


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