Winter in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear friends,

We have been busy translating La Habanera into English. It´s ready! Päivi has also started to translate our Brazilian tourist guide book into Spanish. It takes more time and will be published later. The Pätölä satire (in Finnish only, sorry) has now been wholly released.

We had a Japanese style party with karaoke a few weeks ago. Then we have played some computer games, listened to music, and read books. We have a great mp3 collection of over 3000 songs and this week we will receive 5000 more.

To solve our wear out t-shirt situation we made ourselves new Che Guevara -style t-shirts. There is a picture of them in our photo album among other new pictures. Ourr t-shirt pictures are also available online if you want to view or use them.

So, everything is fine on this side of the Earth although the Argentinian winter is terribly severe, 10-25 degrees Celsius.

The following song is summarizing something essential about Argentina: the mother and son relationship. Watch Pieza en forma de tango:

Pieza en forma de tango in English

By Mario Abraham Kortzklap 
(a.k.a. Les Luthiers, 1971) Op. 11 (Miserere)


When I arrive at the flat that you left
That afternoon of drinks and words
I remember the love you swore to me
And the kisses you gave me at night
In hours of rumination and sadness
I wonder if your affection was true
And although I search among women there is none
Who loves me as a child.

Why have you left… mum…
…with that nasty fool?
Why have you left… mummy…
…leaving me in pain?
Why have you left… mum…
…with that old gentleman?
Why have you left… mamma?
What does he have, that I don’t?


Some incoherent Buenos Aires slang –lunfardo- 
idioms and tango-like expressions… Why have you left… mum?
You washed few of my clothes…
Why have you left… mummy…
I rarely hit you
Why have you left… mum…
Why mum is no more?
As here is only one mother…
You leave me alone…
If you don’t give more money…
I’m going to live with dad.

The same in Spanish.

Pieza en forma de tango in Spanish

By Mario Abraham Kortzklap
(a.k.a. Les Luthiers, 1971) Op. 11 (Miserere)


Cuando llego al bulín que vos dejaste 
esa tarde de copas y palabras 
rememoro el amor que me juraste 
y los besos que a la noche vos me dabas. 
En las horas de escabio y amargura 
me pregunto si fue cierto tu cariño 
y aunque busco en el hembraje no hay ninguna 

que como vos, me quiera como a un niño. 

¿Por qué te fuiste…mamá, 
con ese gil antipático? 
¿Por qué te fuiste mamita, 
dejándome en mi dolor? 
¿Por qué te fuiste mamá…
con ese señor mayor? 
¿Por qué te fuiste, viejita? 
¿Qué tiene él que yo no? 


En la esquina del herrero la percanta 
mano a mano con la seda y el percal 
mira al músculo que ni una vez descansa 
el romance octario araca, vil metal.
Metejón, taimado, taita guapo, 
cafetines, suburbios, arrabales, 
conventillo, Pompeya, esquina y tango,
ilusión de gígolos sentimentales.

¿Por qué te fuiste, mamá? 
Poca ropa me lavabas…¿Por qué te fuiste, mamita? 
Raras veces te pegaba…
¿Por qué te fuiste, viejita? 
¿Por qué ya no está mamá?
Como madre hay una sola…amurado me largás…
Si no me pasas más guita…
me viá vivir con papá.

Special thanks to Guillermo for the words, the English translation, making the mp3, and for allowing us to add it to our blog.

We have recently been wondering why nobody has not taken Mr. George W. Bush to the International Court of war crimes. He lied about weapons of mass destruction, invaded a sovereign country, and committed a genocide killing thousands of human beings because of their oil, religion, and political opinions.

Take care and be happy,

Päivi &aamp; Santeri

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