Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Salvador de Bahia is Brazil's most African city. As the Carnival time is drawing closer, you can see it in the photos.

We arrived to Salvador, Brazil's most African city. People are blacker than black and African drums can be heard in the streets. The Carnival time is drawing closer and there are a lot of happenings around.

The old town, where we are staying, is situated on a hill with magnificent views. We came here from Olinda, which was supposed to be a great colonial city, but we definitely prefer this one with beautiful old buildings and a great Negro (black urged us to use that term) atmosphere.

One of our most important tasks here has been the prolonging of our visas. We went to the Federal Police today for the fifth time and we finally made it. We wore decent clothes, waited patiently in the queues, ran from desk to desk and paid many fees. Now we have a permission to stay here until the end of February but we'll leave right away after Rio's Carnival. Ha-ha!

We've got enough of Brazil by now. Constant cheating is perhaps the worst thing but as tourists it is our divine obligation to enjoy it. As a thanks we are writing a tourist's handling guide to Brazilians containing all the nasty tips and tricks. Hope it will be fun for you, too.

Be happy,

Päivi & Santeri

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