Gaibu, Brazil

We just spent three relaxing days in a lovely beach village Gaibo which is situated some 30 kilometres south of Recife. The trip to the place was not enjoyable, though. We used four vehicles: bus, metro, diesel tram, and another bus. It took us half a day to get there from Recife.

Our sufferings were rewarded at the end. The beach in Gaibo was superb. The water was clear and the lagoons great to swim although the waves were high. What more, there were no sharks unlike in Recife where swimming is not recommended and surfing is totally prohibited. The village was surrounded by little hills and behind every hill there was a new beach. One of the hills was apparently used for making love, and to some others for a peep show of the action.

At this point we have to make a serious reclamation of our otherwise useful travel book, Lonely Planet (LP). According to LP there should also have been a freshwater stream used for naturist swimming. We asked directions of local people, but that stream didn't exist at all. The same applies to their camping information.

We stayed in a Residence of three artists. The place had a great atmosphere with paintings and sculptures everywhere and the breakfast - one of our most important criteria for choosing an accommodation - was good.

One of the artists, Roberto, spoke English and told us about the plans to sell the place. Roberto was originally from Uruguay but had spent 20 years of his life in Amsterdam and now longed to go back. He had been living in Gaibo for 14 years painting and running the hotel.

Roberto's plans made us think that our decision to get rid of all our belongings was right. He had seemingly enjoyed his stay in Gaibo but he wanted to start a new life and sell the business. It was definitely not easy and will take time. We felt sympathy for Roberto and wanted to help him somehow, so we interviewed him of the details of the hotel and publish it here with all the necessary contact information in case someone would get interested in not that fast and urban hamster wheel. We are definitely not (at least now) ready to return to the wheel.

Here is the information of the artists hotel for sale:

Hotel Gaibu Praia Mar Atelier Lautréamont

Rua Joaquim Leão Neto, 179
Gaibu - Cabo de Santo Agostino - PE (Pernambugo)
Postal code: 54 590
Tel. +81 3522 6020

Contact person: Roberto Genta (speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Dutch)

  • Total area: 537 m^2
  • Building area: 443 m^2
  • 15 suites, 8 with air condition and TV.
  • Constructed in 1989.
  • 2 bigger living rooms, service area, washing machines, garages for 4 cars, parking lot.
  • Position: 3 kilometers from Blue Tree Park and 35 km Recife airport.
  • 3 artists has been working in the place for 14 years.
  • All documents are ok according to owners.
  • High season Dec-Feb, rain season Apr-Aug.
  • Revenue: 80.000 - 100.000 reals, profit 40.000 - 50.000 reals (might be a bit wishful)
Price request: 320.000 reals, 120.000 USD, 90.000 EUR.

Please contact Roberto directly by mail or call him, if you are interested.

Roberto was a jack-of-all-trades and practised massage as well and Paivi got a treatment of 60 minutes including massage and shiatsu, accompanied by Brazilian jazz, Gilbert Egmont, and violet esoteric oil. Great after carrying rug-sack.

In the last picture you can see Päivi writing this blog. This is just in case you have wondered how it all happens. We are already in Olinda, which is a near-by and daughter city of Recife and staying in a youth hostel not probably worth of another blog or set of pictures.

Take care,
Päivi & Santeri

Keywords: Brazil, Gaibo, Recife, Roberto Genta, shark, peep show, Hotel for sale, Olinda.


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