Visiting Pedro & Rosana

Our first day in Brazil. Pedro and Roseanne took us to a sightseeing through monumental city. The best part of the tour was - of course - a stop at a lovely restaurant by the lake Paranoa. We started to learn Portuguese by ordering "dois picanhas sangreados". The first round was well cooked but the next one succeeded.

Roseanne's sister and her husband plus husband's brother with his girlfriend joined us for a while. Unfortunately our Portuguese is not enough for a homely conversation yet.

Pedro helped us to buy a prepaid sim card which should work in most South American countries. We tried it by sending two sms messages to Finland to our parents and apparently it worked.

In the evening we relaxed at Pedro´s house and drank red wine. After that, a good night's sleep was guaranteed.

Now we are waiting for Pedro to come to lunch our and take us to the bank. We have to exchange some reales and open a bank account. Also a Lonely Planet would be needed.

We are likely to head North-East and drive down the coast looking for nice beaches and bungalows to stay in. The target is to reach Rio by the carnival time to meet there Pedro and Roseanne.

Keywords: Paranoa, Brazil, Brasilia, Pedro, Rosana.


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