Brasilia, Goiania, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil

We have a new home, at least for next 2 months. We rented a condominium from Fortaleza, a 2.1 million people city in the North cost of Atlantic ocean.

Before that wandered around the north coast visiting cities and fisher villages, some better and some worse.

We went from Brasilia to Goiania by car and enjoyed there a genuine Brazilian feasts and hospitality offered by Pedro's and Rosanne's parents.

The actual round trip started by a flight from Goiania to Fortaleza. From Fortaleza we headed up to Jericoacoara, which was supposed to be a hip, genuine fisherman village. However it turned out to be a overcrowded, tourist rip-off with 10 times prices and short sighted merchants extorting tourists. After wasting there 2 days we decided to move further and try to find a bit more friendlier and peaceful place.

We took a truck ride to nearby city called Jijoca and from there took a bus to Amontada, which is a inland city. After spending our night in cheap, shitty, and actually the only available hotel room we headed back to the cost.

The next stop was in Icarai (the Icarai close to Jericoacoara, not the one close to Fortaleza). That was a total rip-off place, even worse than Jericoacoara. The local pousada owner offered us a standard room with triple price and then tried to extract from food about 10x price ... oh well, we used instead a local, small restaurant, and decided to move again next day when the bus came next time.

Next stop, actually against our plans and hopes, was called Moitas. It was about 40km North-East from Icarai. We were there the only tourists and got a really friendly welcome. They offered us a room (with about 20 small green frogs, 1 grass hopper making nightly music and some not so small ants), 2 lunches, a dinners and 2 breakfasts with the same price we had to pay just for the room in Icarai. Moreover, these people seemed to be actually making their living by fishing, unlike Jericoacoara people. The beach was also great and we got a nice swim in the sea. With too little sun block in wrong place I got my back burned seriously, however this was solely my fault.

Next day we took a bus ride back to Fortaleza. The driver, who was living in Moitas gave us the lift. After getting back we stayed a few nights in a pousada and a hotel. We had to leave the pousada after the toilet got stuck. Funny, that pousada owners were not at all concerned about the shit smell in our room and took no immediate actions.

One not so nice incident happened 2 days ago. We are still suffering from that. We got a really bad diarrhea and probably some kind of salt poisoning after eating in local Rodizio de Carne in the cost road of Iracema called Rua de Tabajaras. Rodizio is a kind of meat Buffet, fixed price as much as you can eat. However those smart guys had invented a clever way if making a bit more money by making all the meat so hell of salty, that customers were forced to order A LOT of extra drinks. This nice scheme made both of us very sick.

Somehow we have started to wonder if most Brazilians are scum bags, naturally excluding our friends and the friendly Moitas people.

Oh well, after all we ended up to renting a condominium with a stove for 2 months. So, now we have officially again an address until our next move, which is likely to be the Samba carnival of Rio de Janeiro, and after that Argentina.

Be well! I gotta stop now because Päivi is dying of hunger and want some bloody meat.

Keywords: Brasilia, Goiania, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil, Icarai, Moitas, Rodizio, Rua de Tabajaras, Iracema, Pousada .


  1. dear happy vegetarian,
    it was very funny to read this 7 years later ';-)

  2. Dear happy vegetarians,

    it was very funny to ready you hunger about bloddy meat, 7 years later ;-)

  3. Dear happy vegetarians,

    it was very funny to ready you hunger about bloddy meat, 7 years later ;-)

  4. For us, too :) And we are no longer vegetarians, but vegans.


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