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Brasilia, Goiania, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil

We have a new home, at least for next 2 months. We rented a condominium from Fortaleza, a 2.1 million people city in the North cost of Atlantic ocean. Before that wandered around the north coast visiting cities and fisher villages, some better and some worse.

Visiting Pedro & Rosana

Our first day in Brazil. Pedro and Roseanne took us to a sightseeing through monumental city. The best part of the tour was - of course - a stop at a lovely restaurant by the lake Paranoa. We started to learn Portuguese by ordering "dois picanhas sangreados". The first round was well cooked but the next one succeeded. Roseanne's sister and her husband plus husband's brother with his girlfriend joined us for a while. Unfortunately our Portuguese is not enough for a homely conversation yet.

Arriving in Brasilia, Brazil

We arrived last night in Brazil, Brazil. Being tired to terminal and airport life we have decided not to fly again soon. Brazil was the first and the only planned destination of our journey.

From Amsterdam to Brazil

We left our finger prints and photographs to the US while transiting to Sao Paolo. They also wanted to test the smell of our socks by making us to remove shoes, funny people, quite paranoid.