Less Harmful Nuclear Power

Degrowth would be less harmful, downshifting and reducing consumption, than building more nuclear power.

No Thanks To International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is the worst kind of s chauvinism.

La Habanera Got A Face-Lift

Our first free book La Habanera. the escape from the rat race, got a face-lift. The book is available as epub, mobi, PDF, and paperback.

Happy True Friend’s Day

Happy true friend's day, dear friends and soon-to-be friends!

3 Reasons Why Africa: Volunteering, Charity & Safari

There are three main reasons why people travel to Africa: volunteering, charity, and safari.

Travelling from South Africa to Zambia by Bus

Here is some practical information for travelling from South Africa to Zambia by bus. Pack some patience for the trip!

A Dead-End Called Dar es Salaam

Travelling to Dar is pretty straightforward but getting away is challenging unless you want to spend a lot of money on flights or ride the potholed roads on crappy buses.

Nose-picking in Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam is easy to walk and does not feel like a really African city except in one thing: public nose-picking.

Kenya: Surprisingly Expensive For Mzungu

Kenya can be surprisingly expensive for mzungus, the white people. We got scammed by Solomon, the owner of Ndoto Apartments in Ukunda, Diani Beach, Kenya.

Happy Next Gregorian Year (Q4/10)

New quarterly newsletter is out: Happy Next Gregorian Year (Q4/10)