Trapani: A Taste of Laid-back Sicilian Life

A taste of laid-back Sicilian life in Trapani, Italy. Trapani became quickly one of our favourites, and we ended up staying half a year. The city is nice and small with both the Mediterranean sea for lovely seaside walks and jogging and a mountain for hiking. Local lifestyle is laid-back, people friendly, vegetables good and reasonably priced, and there are lots of lovely stray dogs running around. What more could one ask for?

Welcome To The City Of The Dead

Welcome To The City Of The Dead. Benvenuto a Necropolis!

Puppy Daycare Service

Puppy daycare service for the stray dogs and their puppies in Trapani, Sicily, Italy.

We Appear on Finnish TV Today

A Finnish tv crew came to film us for Lamastalgia episode 8 in Toulon, France.

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Europe Is Not That Expensive

It is possible to travel in Europe with 500 dollars per month if you cook your own food, use hospitality exchange and rent rooms.

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