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Free Documentary Film: Crossing the Darién Gap (2013, 2016)

Darién Gap is one of the most difficult areas on earth to travel and it is considered to be extremely dangerous. This documentary film includes footage from a speedboat ride from Turbo to Capurganá, border villages, and the jungle on both sides of the border between Panama and Colombia. There are interviews with two fellow travellers who crossed the Darién Gap, one from Switzerland and another from Peru. Crossing the Darién Gap (40 minutes, Päivi & Santeri Kannisto, 2013 & 2016) has English, Spanish and Finnish subtitles.

Extreme Mobilities: Challenging the Concept of ‘Travel’

Päivi’s new journal article “Extreme mobilities: Challenging the concept of ‘travel’” will be published in Annals of Tourism Research in March 2016 (volume 57, pages 220–233). The article explores extreme mobilities by analysing how ‘global nomads’ create their lifestyles testing the limits of modern-day mobilities and freedom of movement.

New Book: Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities (Ashgate/Routledge)

Päivi’s latest book recaps the work on global nomads and location-independence she started in 2010 by interviewing 30 full-time travellers. The book is a re-assessment of much contemporary research in the fields of mobility, migration and tourism studies, written for scholars across the social sciences. The book is published by Ashgate that recently merged with Routledge.