Getting from Colombia to Panama

How to cross the Darién Gap from Colombia to Panama? How much does it cost? What options do you have?

Hiking and Filming in Colombia

On our way to Colombia by bus, we stopped a few times, and hiked across the border from Colombia to Panama in the Darién Gap.

Crossing Venezuela by Bus

Crossing the whole Venezuela by bus through Guiria, Puerto la Cruz, and Maracaibo all the way to Colombia.

A Bit Pricey Trinidad and Tobago

We arrived in Port of Spain at the end of the carnival. City was suffering from hangover; full of rubbish and sulky people.

Jamaica Helps With Excess Luggage

Are you suffering from excess luggage? Jamaica is a perfect solution for that.

Zagora, Sahara on the Moroccon Side

Zagora, Sahara on the Moroccon side, was one of the easiest places for a long-stay.

Book: Free as a Global Nomad

Free as a Global Nomad: An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist written by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto.

Our Camel-Date-Sand Wedding Anniversary (8th)

Photos of our 8th Wedding Anniversary in Sahara, Morocco called Camel-Date-Sand.

Touring the Balkans

Touring around Balkans and travelling in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

From Finland to the Balkans (Q3/2012)

Our Q3 newsletter is out: From Finland to the Balkans (Q3/2012) .