TV Nomads (Q4/11)

Our latest quarterly newsletter TV Nomads (Q4/11) is out.

Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

We will not miss Ao Nang, but it was a soft landing for Päivi's parents with great weather, blue sky, and no jellyfish.

Macau: More Portuguese Than Chinese

Macau is more Portuguese than Chinese. They welcome travellers from EU countries with 90-day entry stamps just like Taiwan.

China today: Abundance and Megalomania

China is today abundance and megalomania: more cars, bigger cars, lavish houses, maids, fancy downtown offices, and less time.

How To Make Passwords Safer?

How to make passwords safer? By making them time-dependent so that they change all the time.

7th Wedding Anniversary

The 7th wedding anniversary on our never-ending honeymoon trip.

Images From Hong Kong

Images From Hong Kong.

Zen And The Art of Making Money

Zen and the art of making money presents: Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance & Power of Now.

Behind the Great Chinese Firewall

We are behind the Great Chinese Firewall and continue blogging later when leaving the country. Nothing seems to work here. See you!

Impressions of the Philippines

Impressions of the Philippines including weather and beaches, getting there and around, dangers and annoyances.