Happy Next Gregorian Year (Q4/10)

New quarterly newsletter is out: Happy Next Gregorian Year (Q4/10)

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings card 2010 by global nomads Päivi & Santeri.

Virtual Matatu Ride In Mombasa, Kenya

Join us on a virtual matatu ride. This video was filmed in Mombasa, Kenya.

Greece: Life in the Middle of the Crisis

Living in the middle of the crisis in Greece. The general price level was a surprise, especially as the wages are very low. We stopped by in Greece for a few weeks before heading to the south and witnessed life in the middle of the financial crisis.

The BookMooch Experience

Considering the site's code of ethics, practices of BookMooch administration and the outcome of our test run, we are not able to recommend BookMooch.

Goodbye Europe (Q3/10)

We have posted our latest quarterly newsletter to all subscribers: Päivi & Santeri quarterly newsletter Goodbye Europe (Q3/10) .

Messina: The City Of Cars

The Italians have many similarities with the Chinese . In both countries family ties are strong, government corrupted, there is trash everywhere, but people are most warm-hearted and hospitable. Moreover, in both countries people love to eat pasta (or noodles) and they feel strongly about their religion. The Chinese worship money and the Italians the Pope.

Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary In Sicily

Today was our sixth wedding anniversary (Pasta-Peanut-Pistachio) and we celebrated it in Sicily, Italy. Here is a set of photos we took. Tomorrow we will celebrate Päivi's birthday and next week begins our 7th year on the road on our everlasting honeymoon trip.

Environmentally Friendly Way To Use Cars

Here is an environmentally friendly, green, renewable, and sustainable way to use cars and other motorised vehicles.

Amilo LA 1703 Overheating Problem Fix

A fix for Amilo LA 1703 laptop overheating problem is underclocking the CPU.