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17th Wedding Anniversary in Tampere, Finland

Photos of our 17th wedding anniversary in Tampere, Finland on the never-ending honeymoon trip.

New Book: Intuitionisti - Seikkailu minuuden syövereihin

Welcome to the milieu of our newest book

Santeri composed some new music and made videos

The first of Santeri's six new musical pieces was published in our Batumi street dog video . The rest are listed below. It has been sixteen years since Santeri composed last time. We were living in Buenos Aires at the time. You can find those old songs in midi and mp3 format including musical scores from Downloads directory on our new Nomad & Travel Books website. The same website is also home for our new, mobile-friendly Travel Photo Albums with a cool new photo and album search functionality.

Päivi got her 3rd PhD on Qualitative Statistics

Statistics has always been Päivi's Achilles' heel. She has been struggling even with the most basic formulas and calculations mixing up averages, medians, and probabilities. To tackle her weakness, Päivi decided to get her 3rd PhD degree on statistics. Her first PhD was on Finnishness (Tampere University, Finland) and the second on Global Nomads (Tilburg University, Netherlands) . The newest thesis is on Qualitative Statistics, which is a new, emerging research area thanks to the booming Artificial Intelligence research.

A day on the beach with our street dog friends

A video of friendly street dogs playing with us on the beach in Batumi, Georgia.

Tax free shopping and how to get a tax refund in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi airports in Georgia

Georgian Revenue service is providing information on tax free shopping and the VAT refund on their website , but unfortunately in Georgian only. As the process is quite different than in other countries, we decided to share our experiences about it.