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Japanese Anarchy in Tokyo and Kyoto

We spent the summer in Tokyo in a local community of young salary men and women who were fed up with Japan's traditions, norms, and rules. They had chosen to live in a shared house, which is not a common form of dwelling in Japan although it is increasing in popularity among young single people thanks to the high cost of living in Japan. However, most Japanese prefer their privacy, or they live with their families.

Finn-Savotta Challenge: The First Year on the Road with Our New Savotta Backpacks

We have travelled now one year with backpacks, Savotta LJK12 and Savotta 906, in 15 countries in Europe, the USA, Central America, and Asia. The backpacks are still in mint condition after exhausting 11 flights, 5 bus and 4 train trips, and one cruise around the world plus walking and hiking. Usually the flights, particularly baggage handling, are the biggest challenge to the durability of backpacks, and last year there were plenty of them as the list below shows.On the road we discovered some minor improvement ideas. Those have been implemented in the models that are currently for sale. For more information, please visit Finn-Savotta website.