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Visiting Friends in Jakarta, Indonesia

We visited friends in Jakarta and had a crash course in Indonesian culture including traditional Indonesian dance, family life, traffic, and delicacies — basically everything you need to know about Indonesia. Jakarta had no tourist hassle like Bali, Gili Air and Lombok in 2005 except the good old Indonesian visa corruption. See below some photos and a film from the government's dance school where the pupils had their annual exams.

How to Win more in the World of Tanks?

How to succeed and win more in the World of Tanks and other multiplayer internet games? The recipe is simple: pay more. Those games are created by companies who exist to make as much money as possible. This is why the games are optimised for making money. If you do not want to pay, you end up losing more games and doing hideous, repetitive grinding to advance and level up. This was the case with Anarchy Online and the Belarussian made World of Tanks. The same principles apply to all freemium games. Instructions are based on experiences gathered during three years of intensive online gaming.

Free Porn From Malaysian Security Surveillance Cameras

An unprecedented footage of amateur home porn videos has leaked onto the internet from Malaysian secret security surveillance cameras. The source of the leakage remains unknown. The police is investigating the matter and trying to get the videos removed, as they severely violate the privacy of both Malaysian and foreign citizens who have visited Malaysia.