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USA Without Car: Travel Information And Tips

We landed in New York, slept the first night in JFK airport, and travelled from east to west and north to south by bus. On the way we were pet-sitting in Cincinnati and Seattle and visited friends in Syracuse and San José before exiting to Mexico. Our journey proved that it is not only possible but also easy and comfortable to travel in the US without renting a car, taking a train, or flying.

Syria, the next Iraq?

A decade ago, the USA invaded Iraq using exactly the same pretext as with Syria now: weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which proved to be weapons of mass distraction. International media was provoked to stir anger among nations by spreading speculations. Does a hoax become the truth if sufficiently many people believe in it? It shouldn´t. If you were somehow involved in the election of Obama, please try to influence him not to start massacring the Syrian people. Don´t have their blood on your hands. Peace cannot be made by killing people.