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La Habanera Got A Face-Lift

Six years has passed since we published the first edition of La Habanera—a book discussing our escape from the Rat Race. It is the first book we wrote together and our first free e-book. At the time we wrote the book, we made a rough English translation hoping that someone would assist us in revising the language. In the past years several people had offered to do the job, but no one had managed to finish the job.

Happy True Friend’s Day


Three Reasons To Travel To Africa: Volunteering, Charity & Safari

We spent two months in Eastern and Southern Africa visiting Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. Travelling was exciting as always, but all the countries we visited had a serious problem with the services and products—very little value for the money spent—and an attitude problem towards white people, mzungus. We were puzzled: Why so many travellers had recommended the area to us?