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Winter in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear friends, We have been busy translating La Habanera into English. It´s ready! Päivi has also started to translate our Brazilian tourist guide book into Spanish. It takes more time and will be published later. The Pätölä satire (in Finnish only, sorry) has now been wholly released.

La Habanera: The Escape From The Rat Race

Download or buy the book | Happiness test | Suomeksi | In HebrewThis is a stripped html version of the original book without any layout or photos. Here you can find all books written by Päivi and Santeri Kannisto.La HabaneraThe Escape From The Rat Race1. edition.The original Finnish edition was published electronically on 22.1.2005.This English translation was published electronically on 2.7.2005 .Keywords: The Rat Race, happiness, happiness test, meaning of life, philosophy, choices of life, art of living, are you happier, how could you become happier, happiest, freedom, free, materialism, materia, possession, property, money salary, real estate, savings, life, living.