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Sao Paolo, Brazil

So long, Brazil! Our very last day in Brazil: 9.2.2004. 02:00 Two beggars asked for a cigarette in Copacabana, Rio. Santeri said no as usual. The beggars started to behave aggressively and grabbed Santeri's hand. We escaped unharmed.

Samba Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Today is the last day of Rio Samba Carnival for us. We are not disappointed to the carnival but not too enthusiastic about it either. We discovered that the value for money was not at all satisfactory and the whole spectacle is utterly over marketed. Foreigners travel to Brazil to dance in Sambódromo with bunch of other people, but nobody can actually dance samba, not even dancers from whom coordination is seriously missing. The focus is in nice vehicles and colourful kitsch costumes made from plastic jewels. Samba in Brazil means tourist attraction. Locals flee from the city to avoid the noise and streets covered with piss, shit, and trash.

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

We arrived to Salvador, Brazil's most African city. People are blacker than black and African drums can be heard in the streets. The Carnival time is drawing closer and there are a lot of happenings around. The old town, where we are staying, is situated on a hill with magnificent views. We came here from Olinda, which was supposed to be a great colonial city, but we definitely prefer this one with beautiful old buildings and a great Negro (black urged us to use that term) atmosphere.